The scoop on Wags coupons

17 Jun

Before you head out to score some monster deals, you will need to know how Walgreens coupons come off.

As a general rule, you the discount gets taken off after the coupon. So, on a $10 non-Walgreens brand item with a $1 coupon, you pay $7.65 instead of $7.50 as you might expect. On Walgreens brand item at $10 with a $1 coupon you would pay $7.20 instead of the expected $7.00.
Another way to look at it is that the discount gets taken off the item and the coupon. So, for the $10 non-Walgreens item the item is reduced to $8.50 with the discount and the coupon is reduced to $.85. On a Wags item at $10 with the $1 coupon, the item would be reduced to $8.00 and the coupon would be reduced to $.80. This has been the case with the Infant Care booklet and in-ad coupons for me so far.

But this is only the general rule! So far, I have found that coupons from the monthly coupon booklet (Instant value coupons or IVC’s) do not follow this rule–you get the full value off!


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