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2/$8 Ringing oddly on H&S

31 Jul

Be aware that the first Head & Shoulders rings up at $1.71 so if you use the B1G1 coupon the cashier will likely enter that amount.But if you ask nicely and share a coupon s/he may just take off $3.40 (half the price for 2 w/disc.). It worked for me!

The $2 RR is printing though! Looks like it’s triggered by quantity!

Buy (2) $6.80 w/disc.   -B1G1F MQ

Get $2 RR (like paying $1.40 each!)

Remember, the coupon is good today only (7/5 P&G) 


Scunci RR triggered by $ amount -YMMV

29 Jul

For those that have not tried it out yet, the 2/$3 Scunci 18ct hair binder get $3 RR is triggered by $ amount, not quantity.

If this doesn’t make sense to you, unfortunately, it means that when you buy the Scunci with the associate discount you will *not* get the Register Reward but you should without the discount. If the manager at the store you’re shopping at does not know about RR being triggered by dollar amount or is simply a cool manager, he/she will print it off anyways upon request. However, even if you email Catalina asking for your Register Reward they will not send it based on how it is programmed. Good luck!

Nooo! Precise $5 is *gone*!

13 Jul

Our lovely Precise overage scenarios are no more :(, the $5 coupon has been replaced with a $2 coupon on the Precise site. Still, if you have back pain especially from muscle tension this stuff works wonders.

Stay tuned next week for a possible *crossing fingers* money maker on Carefree Actifresh (hint, go to the Carefree site and print some $.50 off coupons after registering.)

**UPDATE: That was one crazy week and my store ran out! Sorry, count on a quick update next time.

Cottonelle Deal may not print *Updated*

10 Jul

Some of you may have been gearing up to buy cottonelle: says you should receive $3.50 RR wyb 2 or $4.50 wyb 3 (login to check if it is valid for your area) but is reporting that this may be hit or miss.  It did not print for me in MN.  Maybe they will fix this, as it should not be affected by the Walgreens discount.

I will update as I get feedback from Catalina.

***I emailed Catalina and they are mailing me my $3.50 RR! Also, it is printing at one of my Wags so I don’t know if it is fixed or if it was simply working the whole time at that location.  Just make sure you double check rumored Register Rewards on Coupon Network—not all of them will be listed, but it makes it less of a gamble 😉