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2/$8 Ringing oddly on H&S

31 Jul

Be aware that the first Head & Shoulders rings up at $1.71 so if you use the B1G1 coupon the cashier will likely enter that amount.But if you ask nicely and share a coupon s/he may just take off $3.40 (half the price for 2 w/disc.). It worked for me!

The $2 RR is printing though! Looks like it’s triggered by quantity!

Buy (2) $6.80 w/disc.   -B1G1F MQ

Get $2 RR (like paying $1.40 each!)

Remember, the coupon is good today only (7/5 P&G) 


Sunday Snag: This week’s Money Makers!

31 Jul

Snag them before they’re gone!

This week has it all!

  • Allegra Allergy 5 ct $5.94 w/disc. plus $2 off coupon get $6.99 MIR… $3.05 Money Maker
  • Celadrin Inflame-away joint health $8.50 w/disc.  get $10 RR… $1.50 Money Maker 
  • Keri Lotion (unadvertised, displayed) $5.94 w/disc. plus $2 off coupon get $6 RR… $1.06 Money Maker  Continue reading

Irish Spring RR triggered by quantity!

30 Jul

Yes!! I was very excited to find out today that the Irish Spring Register Reward works with the associate discount!

Buy 2/$5 Irish Spring body wash or depodorant ($4.25 with the discount)

Use 2 $.50 off coupons from last week’s SS for body wash or $1 off for deodorant

Get $4 RR

$.10 for body wash or $.90 Money Maker for deodorant (plus tax of course)

Get ready for $1 Cottonelle 12 packs 7/31 only!

29 Jul

Grab at least a couple Cottonelle printable coupons from their website–you will need an even number. You will need one computer per coupon that you want to print since it only allows one per household, but keep in mind there was a $.75 off coupon in SS a couple weeks back.

There is an ongoing Cottonelle RR deal advertised in some stores but primarily on so verify online to make sure your local store is included. The deal is buy 2 Cottonelle 12 packs get $3.50 in RR, buy 3 get $4.50 and is triggered by quantity so you can take advantage of it in combination with your discount.

On 7/31 buy: (2) $5.00 Cottonelle 12 packs ($4.25 w/disc.)
Use: (2) $.50 printable coupon
and $1 off August monthly coupon (code: 5614) takes off $2*
Prints: $3.50 RR

$2 plus tax for 2 packs after RR and coupons!

If you have the newspaper coupons, it’s $1.50 for 2!

*Coupons from the monthly coupon booklet usually take off the full amount, but occasionally the discount is taken off the coupon.  When the $1 off Cottonelle coupon was available last May it took off $1 per 12 pack.

Scunci RR triggered by $ amount -YMMV

29 Jul

For those that have not tried it out yet, the 2/$3 Scunci 18ct hair binder get $3 RR is triggered by $ amount, not quantity.

If this doesn’t make sense to you, unfortunately, it means that when you buy the Scunci with the associate discount you will *not* get the Register Reward but you should without the discount. If the manager at the store you’re shopping at does not know about RR being triggered by dollar amount or is simply a cool manager, he/she will print it off anyways upon request. However, even if you email Catalina asking for your Register Reward they will not send it based on how it is programmed. Good luck!

This weeks Money Makers and Freebies….

13 Jul

*W razor: pay $3.19 get $4 RR
*Infusium: pay $4.09 after $1 coupon from SS 7/10 get $4 RR
*Evenflow Nursing Pads: Pay $3.75 after $.50 coupon inside top of box get $4 RR
*Freshmatic: Pay $2.79 after $4 coupon from SS 7/10 get $3 RR
*Hyland’s Teething gel: Pay $3.25 after $1 printable coupon from comiezos saludables get $5 RR

Money Making Puffs! wyb Precise

7 Jul

The Puffs tissue Buy 2/$5 get $1 this week is triggered by quantity! Yes!! Don’t worry if this does not make sense, here’s the scenario:

Buy 2 for $5 Puffs ($4.25 with the discount)
and 2 Precise at $7.99 ($6.79 w/disc., hopefully your store has this price)


Use: (2) $5 off coupons                                                                                                                             and the $3 off Precise coupon from the July Coupon booklet

Pay $.13 plus tax

GET $1 RR!!!