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Nooo! Precise $5 is *gone*!

13 Jul

Our lovely Precise overage scenarios are no more :(, the $5 coupon has been replaced with a $2 coupon on the Precise site. Still, if you have back pain especially from muscle tension this stuff works wonders.

Stay tuned next week for a possible *crossing fingers* money maker on Carefree Actifresh (hint, go to the Carefree site and print some $.50 off coupons after registering.)

**UPDATE: That was one crazy week and my store ran out! Sorry, count on a quick update next time.


The scoop on Wags coupons

17 Jun

Before you head out to score some monster deals, you will need to know how Walgreens coupons come off.

As a general rule, you the discount gets taken off after the coupon. So, on a $10 non-Walgreens brand item with a $1 coupon, you pay $7.65 instead of $7.50 as you might expect. On Walgreens brand item at $10 with a $1 coupon you would pay $7.20 instead of the expected $7.00.
Another way to look at it is that the discount gets taken off the item and the coupon. So, for the $10 non-Walgreens item the item is reduced to $8.50 with the discount and the coupon is reduced to $.85. On a Wags item at $10 with the $1 coupon, the item would be reduced to $8.00 and the coupon would be reduced to $.80. This has been the case with the Infant Care booklet and in-ad coupons for me so far.

But this is only the general rule! So far, I have found that coupons from the monthly coupon booklet (Instant value coupons or IVC’s) do not follow this rule–you get the full value off!