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Money Making Puffs! wyb Precise

7 Jul

The Puffs tissue Buy 2/$5 get $1 this week is triggered by quantity! Yes!! Don’t worry if this does not make sense, here’s the scenario:

Buy 2 for $5 Puffs ($4.25 with the discount)
and 2 Precise at $7.99 ($6.79 w/disc., hopefully your store has this price)


Use: (2) $5 off coupons                                                                                                                             and the $3 off Precise coupon from the July Coupon booklet

Pay $.13 plus tax

GET $1 RR!!!


Money maker WYB 2 Tylenol Precise and 2 Dove Chocolate bars!

1 Jul

At my Walgreen’s Tylenol Precise is $7.99, If you’re store has this price you can do this great money maker deal:

(2) $7.99 Tylenol Precise Products ($6.79 w/disc.)
2 for $3.00 3.3 oz. Dove Chocolate bars ($2.55 w/disc.)

Use: $5 MQ from Tylenol Precise website

and $3 WQ from July coupon booklet (must scan last!) *It will take off $2.55 per Tylenol Precise so it works out to $1.21 overage each

Pay $.13 plus tax!